Thursday, December 4, 2008

BPM Suite components + Studio feedback

As you probably know Oracle has several software products and suites. Coming from BEA, I am still learning everything there is available around here. On my product area Oracle BPM Suite, there are five main components: Oracle BPM, BPEL PM, BAM, Rules, and Web Center (restricted license for Process Portals). This is a very rich set of software tools with a wealth of capabilities able to cover the most demanding and intense BPM projects.

Here is short cut to each component of the BPM Suite - always check OBPM Interoperability Matrix before you start a project: 

  1. Oracle BPM - Download
  2. Oracle BPEL PM - Download
  3. Oracle BAM - Download
  4. Oracle Rules (Oracle Business Rules is included in the Application Server and also part of SOA Suite) - Download : Download
  5. Oracle WebCenter - Download

Not too long ago, we completed the launch of OBPM 10gR3, and now the team is heads down working on the next major release. In previous releases I had a chance to focus on SOA related items, easy of use features, usability, and integration with other products. This time around I will be focusing  most of my time on the Studio IDE. More precisely on the move from the Eclipse environment to the Oracle JDeveloper framework. This will be a lot of work and will keep us pretty busy.

If you have any thoughts, requests, specific comments, or feedback please send them my way. (alex dot toussaint at oracle dot com)



Friday, October 24, 2008

Oracle BPM 10gR3 is out!

It has been over a year since our last release of AquaLogic BPM Suite 6.0, back in July 2007. Today we have announced a new version, now called Oracle BPM 10gR3 (OBPM) part of the Oracle BPM Suite 10gR3. The new version has several new features and capabilities for End Users, Business Analysts, Developers, and IT professionals. On my last blog post from last month you can check 10 good reasons why you should look at this release. :-)

Here are some helpful links:

1. To download the OBPM 10gR3 software:

2. For the OBPM 10gR3 online documentation:

3. To review our Configuration Matrix, what is supported:

4. For the latest datasheet of the product:

If you have any comments or questions do not hesitate in dropping me a line at "alex dot toussaint at oracle dot com".